Spring Dock Day 2014: Into the Drink


Spring Dock Day was this last weekend and we were so lucky to have ideal weather for the ritual! Ample sunshine and a cool, light breeze helped to keep our attitudes in check as the process went along.




Normally, we have a slight bout of consternation about whether the dock is perfectly straight and level. I typically eyeball it from where I stand and shout out “It looks pretty good.” Then after the installation is complete and all throughout the summer, I hear complaining about how it’s not perfect. This year, the use of a level and periodic checks by The Boss helped to keep everyone happy. Wisdom with age, as they say.


The best part is that it’s now ready to reunite with the boat. Boat Delivery Day is just around the corner and then we will really be “into the drink”! Cheers! ~ Wanda Boldon