Prevent Beaver Damage to Your Trees

Beaver Tree

Our agent, Trish Needham took this picture near Webster, WI. As neat looking as it is, if it’s your tree, it’s not so funny. Beaver damage to your cherished trees can be devastating.

Beavers take down trees for two reasons: they need building materials for the lodges where they live and for food. They’re vegetarians, so they enjoy eating the fresh leaves, twigs, stems and bark. Their teeth never stop growing and are designed to be “self-sharpening” as their powerful jaws go after large trees.

If you know you have active beavers working in your neck of the woods or it you’ve seen the beginnings of beaver damage on your trees, the best and easiest way to protect your trees is to surround them with wire mesh fencing so the beavers aren’t even able to get at the trees.

If you have a nuisance beaver problem, the DNR does allow for proper “removal” of the beaver through trapping or shooting. If you need to resort to this option or hire someone to do it for you, make sure the proper license has been obtained to avoid further problems!  – Wanda Boldon