Black Bear in Siren, WI

office bear

Amidst all the road construction clattering right outside the doors at our CENTURY 21 Sand County Services office in Siren, this black bear felt at ease sauntering through our parking lot and yard. Although we’ve already had many black bear sightings this year, it was kind of incredible to look up and have one wandering right outside our windows at work.

office bear 2

Even though your knee-jerk reaction is to be alarmed, black bears are shy and mostly just looking for food. (I tend to be in that same mind-set, myself!) I tell my customers that they should feel lucky if they spot a black bear because of the fact that they are so shy and will typically run away when they’re startled. When you consider that only 61 people have been killed by a black bear since the year 1900 in North America, your chances of being killed by a domestic dog, bees or lightning are much greater. (I know – tell that to the 61 people…) But if you find yourself in a face-to-face situation with a bear, just wave your arms and speak. That should be all it takes to make them run. I had one cross the road in front of me while I was on a walk this Spring. After a brief pause, I reminded myself that it wasn’t waiting in the woods to jump out and get me. I continued on my walk, but I did start singing loudly and clapping my hands. That went on for about 20 minutes, just to be sure! – Wanda Boldon