2015 Wisconsin Fishing Opener is High and Dry

Based on the level of activity in the area last weekend, our fishing opener was a great success! There were plenty of beautiful and not-so-beautiful fishing boats being pulled behind an equal variety of vehicles. Who said you need to be fancy to catch a fish? You just need to be smarter than the fish!

This year, the fishing folks had to maneuver some unusually high water conditions. Our lakes are lapping at the brim, leaving trees and what used to be beaches under water.


Conversely, we are suffering from a very dry Spring – looking for any sign of rain that we can squeeze out of Mother Nature. I talked to a group of fishermen who were pulling out of Crooked Lake after a long day of fishing. They said it was hard to come up to the cabin and not even have a campfire. But I saw their pile of fish and they couldn’t have been too sad. They clearly belonged to the more smart variety of fishing folks! – Wanda Boldon