Every morning we wake to and every day we live around the sound of chainsaws and wood chippers. It’s not the peaceful summer sound that we expected to surround ourselves with this year, but we say to ourselves that it’s the sound of progress. It’s like my dad used to say about the smell of pig poo in Iowa – “it’s the smell of money.” I guess it’s all in your perspective! A little over a month has gone by since the storm and it’s absolutely amazing how much progress has been made to the massive amount of damage that blew through the area. I know there are still people waiting for loggers to clear large areas and anyone in the roofing industry is panting from the frantic pace. But it’s still impressive to see the progress.


Other signs of progress are showing up right in front of us at work. A couple of us are working with buyers who’ve sold their current cabins and are now shopping for “move up” properties. That shows confidence and love for the area on so many levels! Another great sign is the return of a buyer category that we haven’t seen in some time now: the “pre-retired” buyers. These are the buyers who are preparing for their retirement dream. They want to spend their retirement in a peaceful environment in the woods or on a lake and then likely find a place in the South to spend winters. Typically they find the perfect place to call their future home and spend the next 5-7 years using it as a weekend place in preparation of the next chapter of their lives. We welcome them with open arms…or maybe just a handshake to start. We can work up to the hugs later! ~Wanda Boldon

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