How’s the Market?

Spring has all of us panting like dogs! This is generally a really busy time of year because Northerners come out of winter (even a mild one) running toward summer and all the promises it holds in their minds. Lawns and gardens need attention, boats and docks reunite with the water again, deck furniture is dragged out of storage and screens are in place.

Our Spring real estate market echoes that whole feeling. There are so many things to do and precious little time to do them! But is there any actual SELLING of property going on, you ask? Why yes, there is! We’ve had a really good time working with buyers who are excited and ready to find a great property. This is a change from the last couple of years, where buyers have been reluctant and made no purchasing decision at all. They just sat on the fence. Well, the fence sitting must be getting old. Decisions are being made! With all the great information and photography available to them on the internet, buyers are essentially having their “first showing” of a property online. When we physically take them to the property for the first time, it feels like a second showing and they’re showing up at our office educated and ready to write offers.  

 The price range that seems to be “the hot ticket” right now is the $100,000 to $200,000 category – that goes for cabins on and off water. In fact 90% of our online leads for the month of April were in that price category. Buyers do shop in price categories and if a property is priced even a smidgen over the cut off for a price point, it doesn’t even get looks. It will be interesting to see if this price category continues to be “the chosen one” or if others will become more popular as the year goes on. We’ll keep you posted! 

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