Furry Invaders

A couple of minutes after the sun was officially “up”, we heard the first gunshots in our neighborhood. Gun deer season is open. You might think that the area would be bustling with people today. To the contrary, it is as quiet as the streets of Green Bay on Packer game day. It’s practically a ghost town. Most everyone here hunts and everyone is engaged with the activity at hand – “catching” the big one! Now would be a great time to visit a local shop or two and get some great help with your holiday gift and decorating needs!

Since we aren’t a family of hunters, Dave is headed to Green Bay for the other holy experience of the season – football. He was kind enough to hang a few wreaths for me at home before he left this morning. When he entered our screened porch to store a few of the items he took down, he came upon total destruction. The whole room (which we just redecorated this summer to enhance our porch sitting) was ransacked. The invader left evidence of entry. It seems a gray squirrel chewed through the steel screen and then through the canvas shades that were buttoned flush with the woodwork to get into the porch. The cushions were chewed, the woodwork destroyed and wood shavings lay all about the room. It was apparently not smart enough to find its entry holes to get back out of the room because Dave found the dead squirrel carcass in the rubble. Is it wrong to at least be glad for that? Grrrr!

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