Wisconsin Forests: Supply and Demand


46% of the land in Wisconsin is a place where trees grow and 57% of that forested land in Wisconsin is owned by individual land owners – just like you and me! Most of that land is in the Northern part of the state. Aren’t we lucky? Our forests and wooded lands are important to the enjoyment and quality of life that we have here. The beauty of our natural surroundings is what brings people from far away to enjoy the scenic settings and wildlife in our special area.


At the very same time – while we’re all having fun and thanking our lucky stars that we get to live here, Wisconsin’s forest industry is the second largest employer in the state and is the leader of all states in paper production. Our forests and wooded lands are important to our economy as well. Since the average person uses about 1,664 pounds of wood per year – that’s the equivalent of one log that’s 18 inches across and 25 feet long, we should be in business for the foreseeable future. – Wanda Boldon